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KAW Management provides high quality, cost effective advice and services to both small and large financial and non financial institutions, as well as, government agencies in the areas of Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Training and other complimentary Professional Services.  Our courteous, professional and qualified staff will ensure that systems are in place to protect your institution from risks and also streamline your operational processes so as to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.  KAW also organizes Conferences and Workshops both locally and internationally and we are the host of the annual AML/CFT Conference held in Antigua.

Most companies focus a lot on the bottom line and constantly question the need for AML compliance, fraud prevention and training.  What we sometimes overlook or ignore are the risks and costs that will be inherited for not complying.  In today’s business world, products and services are more complex and geographical distribution of clients is wider.  This requires more vigilance by businesses to avoid missteps that may lead to reputational risks, large fines and in some instances imprisonment of owners and employees.  The need for effective Anti-Money Laundering compliance and the Counter Financing of Terrorism measures in the financial services sector, as well as, the non-financial services sector, is ever increasing and regulations are becoming more stringent.  This means that companies now have to ensure that their AML/CFT programs are not only in place but also functioning effectively.

The occurrence of fraud only in financial institutions is surely just a myth.  Fraud can occur in any company. Companies are now more than ever realizing that if nothing is done to curb fraud; it not only erodes the ethical principles in an organization but also threatens the same bottom line that we focus so much attention on.  KAW can assist your business not only in fraud detection but also by assisting you to put measures in place to prevent and reduce fraud.  De-motivated and unhappy employees can also commit fraud independently or with a third party.  It is important that companies embrace ethical and moral principles and this should be embedded in the culture of the organization.  In order for this to be effective the tone must be set from the top; hence the need for proper corporate governance in the organization.

In addition, in this ever changing and dynamic world of business, employees have to be kept current and must re-tool in order to function effectively and efficiently in their jobs.  KAW can work with you to make it happen.  We can provide specialized training for the Board of Directors, Officers and all employees of your company in many areas.

Our “one stop shop” approach also provides for additional professional services.  We can also assist in risk management, operations management, portfolio planning, payroll services and business plans.  No matter your size, financial challenges or difficulties we are willing to solve your problems, service your needs and most importantly save you money in the long run.


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