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Anti-Fraud Services

Here at KAW, we specialize in Anti-fraud Services.  With the available services of a Certified Fraud Examiner, we can help both individuals and businesses detect, investigate, reduce and put measures in place which will help to prevent all types of fraud.

Fraud Consultation:
Fraud involves one or more persons who intentionally act secretly to deprive another of something of value, for their own benefit.  Fraud is as old as humanity itself and can take an unlimited variety of different forms.  Fraud is everywhere.  Both individuals and companies can become victims of fraud.  Our specialist staff can meet with you.  We can assist you as an individual and offer advice and we can also examine your organization and its operations.  KAW can review allegations (if there are any) and conduct a preliminary assessment to determine whether there are sufficient indications to warrant a formal investigation.  We can offer expert advice and guidance in regards to fraud and fraud prevention.  We can also act as an expert witness in court for our clients.

Fraud Investigation and Reporting:
If you need to find out whether or not, a fraud has been committed, we a KAW can assist with this.  Is there a situation where something does not seem right or certain behaviours seem suspicious?  We can conduct fact-finding investigations in an ethical, professional and impartial manner.  During a formal investigation, KAW will establish the facts and substantiate the findings with evidence.  Our reports will present all the pertinent findings along with the necessary recommendations.  Our investigative and reporting services will provide the necessary information for the individual or business.

Fraud Monitoring:
Fraud takes place in many ways.  In recent years, the development of new technologies has also provided further ways in which criminals may commit fraud. In addition to that, business re-engineering, reorganization or downsizing may weaken or eliminate control, while new information systems may present additional opportunities to commit fraud.  One of the ways to control fraud is by monitoring.  Putting systems in place will help to detect and deter fraud.  In addition, anything out of the ordinary would raise red flags.  We can implement monitoring procedures and provide in-house and external monitoring services.

Anti-Fraud Policy and Procedure Manuals: 
All organizations should try to establish an Anti-Fraud culture.  A formally documented Anti-Fraud Policy and Procedure Manual is the most effective way to build such a culture which will cover best working practices and business ethics.

Fraud can have a destructive effect on an organization’s reputation and bottom line.  A formal fraud policy statement helps businesses indicate that the fight against fraud is endorsed and supported at the most senior level within your organization and also ensures that all employees are aware of the zero-tolerance attitude to criminal breaches of business practices.  With this in mind, businesses should have not only a written Anti-Fraud Policy and Procedure Manual, but also one that has been properly implemented and is being adhered to.  Compliance with the company’s policies and procedures is most definitely essential.  The Anti-Fraud Policy and Procedure Manual would include areas such as taking appropriate measures to deter fraud, introducing and maintaining necessary procedures to detect fraud, investigating all instances of suspected fraud, reporting all suspected fraud to the appropriate authorities, assisting the police in the investigation and prosecution of suspected fraudsters, encouraging employees to report any suspicion of fraud, allocating of responsibilities for the overall management of fraud and procedures to be followed if a fraud is suspected.

We at KAW can assist businesses with this Manual.  We can design, draft, amend and/or implement your Anti-Fraud Policy and Procedure Manual.

Fraud Prevention Training:
Recent surveys clearly indicate that fraud is on the increase.  Organizations of all types and sizes are increasingly being threatened by fraud.  Embezzlement, kickbacks, employee fraud and cheque fraud are just a few of the countless economic crimes that can be committed by employees and outsiders.  Fraud prevention should be high on every company’s agenda.  Having documented, appropriate systems and controls to manage fraud risks are vital to the survival of any institution.  It is also extremely important that staff understand the need for effective control to protect the firm from financial loss and possible regulatory action, and themselves from suspicion.  Senior Managers, Board Members and Directors also have a significant role to play in fraud deterrence and prevention.  KAW can assist with this.  With the available services of Certified Fraud Specialist, we can provide general or specialized training in this area.















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