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Professional Services

In addition to our core services, KAW Management Services Ltd. also offers complimentary professional services.  KAW is staffed with management professionals and experienced financial negotiators who can assist companies to survive and thrive through these very tough economic times.  We can help you put systems in place to streamline your company’s operations.

Operations Management Consultancy:
Many organizations need help improving their performance.  Companies are often affected by their day-to-day operational challenges.  No matter how good your strategy, if it is not properly executed and communicated your company will not be successful.

The business world today is filled with change.  Innovation and operational excellence are vital to enhancing long-term profitability.  KAW Management Services Ltd. can do the heavy lifting required to assess and streamline your company’s operations.  We can provide you with solutions and practical know-how.  We can help businesses align their processes and operating models.  We will help you implement efficient operations that support your strategy and long-term objectives.

Policy and Procedure Manuals:
A successful business must have policies and procedures.  Policies and procedures should not only be created, but also documented, maintained and communicated throughout the organization.  Policy and procedure manuals document various business processes through a universal form of communication.  These manuals provide companies with a standardized way to communicate important information to all staff including Managers and Board of Directors.  Not to mention, sometimes the law requires certain policies to be formally documented in writing.  In addition, one of first requests in an audit is to see the policy and procedure manual for the area under review.

KAW can help you design, draft, amend and/or implement policy and procedure manuals for your business.  Whether it be an Operations Manual, a Risk Management Manual, a Business Continuity Manual, just to name a few, we can work with you to make it happen.  We will ensure that your manuals work in sync with your companies’ operations, goals, strategies and long-term objectives.

Business Plans:
The mere thought of writing a business plan can be intimidating to many people.  KAW can assist with this.  Our professionals can help you develop a high quality business plan that will have a positive impact on the ability of your business to secure a loan from the bank or raise the necessary investment capital.  Our experienced team understands what professional lenders and investors want to see.  We can work with you to create a complete and comprehensive business plan.  This plan will combine all aspects of your business including a company overview, service and/or product details, marketing plan, operational plan, industry analysis and financial plan.

Payroll and Book-keeping Services:
For some businesses, the processing of payroll can be a burden. Salaries and wages have to be in line with their respective laws and regulations and the necessary statutory deductions have to be collected and submitted in a timely manner.  KAW Management Services can provide all your payroll service needs.  No matter the number of staff or the payroll frequency, KAW can simplify and manage this process for you.

In addition to your payroll processing needs, we also offer small business book-keeping services.  No matter how small your business, proper record keeping is important.  This can surely assist businesses down the road with decision making processes.  Our book-keeping services assist businesses with areas such as payables, receivables, bank reconciliations, as well as, providing pertinent financial data that will enable you to see which direction your business is headed.  KAW can facilitate the smooth and successful functioning of your business.







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