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Today’s dynamic and evolving business environment is filled with constant change.  Laws, technology and methodologies are always being changed and updated.  Each business wants to keep ahead of its competitor.  In order to keep current, employees have to re-tool.  At KAW, we consider ourselves as experts in the area of training.  We offer training locally, regionally and internationally.  We provide training in many areas including Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Operations Management, Risk Management and Customer Service, just to name a few.

Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Preparation Classes:
An AML designation has become one of the most leading and sought-after credentials in the AML field.  Becoming an AML Specialist will improve not only your knowledge and skills, but it will also escalate your career growth and earning power. Unfortunately, however, working and studying are not always easy.  It can be sometimes very difficult to find that balance. Most persons lack the discipline and know-how to achieve this goal of self-studying.  KAW can assist with this.  KAW offers AML Preparation Classes. These sessions will provide persons with the core concepts needed to sit any AML Specialist Exam.  Our classes are a fast, easy and an inexpensive way for you to gain the knowledge and expertise you need to kick start your career in Anti-Money Laundering.

Specialized In-House Training Sessions:
The world of business is an extremely competitive one.  In order to maintain operations, sustainability and profitability, businesses must ensure that employees keep abreast of the various changes and updates in laws, regulations, technology and job processes.    Employees are a company’s most important assets and proper training helps to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and know-how to function effectively and efficiently on the job.  KAW can help to ensure that your employees stay current.  We can provide in-house, organization specific training in areas such as Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Risk Management, Operations, Corporate Governance, Ethics and Customer Service just to name a few.  Our professional and dynamic presenters can provide your employees with expert advice and practical and valuable knowledge, which will boost employee morale, team spirit and productivity and also aid in developing decision making and leadership skills.

Training Sessions:
Training provides a prime opportunity to expand one’s skills, capabilities and knowledge.  Whether a person is trying to attain certification or is already certified, training is not only important but also a necessity.  Here at KAW, we provide various types of Training.  Our Training provides participants with the latest industry insights and practical on the job tools which can be used for immediate application.  We are the host of various Training Sessions, Workshops and Conferences locally and around the region.  Please see the link below for the KAW January – December 2017 Training Schedule.

Training Schedule:

KAW Training Schedule from Jan – Dec 2017

Upcoming Training 2017:

Where are You Now – Having a Look at your Compliance Program and the Risks Facing It
Agenda – Where are You Now – Having a Look at your Compliance Program and the Risks Facing It
Registration Form – Where are You Now – Having a Look at Your Compliance Program and The Risks Facing It

Pass Training 2017:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) for Beginners

Employee Fraud Prevention vs Cure – Moving From Problems to Solutions

Difficult Crucial Conversations Keys to Improving Workplace Communication

Past Training 2016:
Effective Human Relations – Keys to Developing Good People Skills
Keys to Building and Maintaining an Exceptional AML Compliance Team
Maintaining Efficiency and Effectiveness in Tough Econimic Times
The Fight Against Fraud – Bulletproof your Organization from New Emerging Issues
Overcoming Customer Service Challenges Through Innovation and Excellence
Fraud on the Clock – How Time Has Changed Fraud Techniques (Antigua)
How Can Good People Turn Bad (Nevis)


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